The development of affordable, sustainable and clean sources of energy is the principal challenge of our time. As many of the issues surrounding our energy future are inherently interdisciplinary, the WPI Energy Research Group assembles WPI faculty and students representing 5 departments and 2 schools to work collaboratively on common research topics including fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics, catalysis, biomass and electric power systems.



provides the guiding principle to interrelate the diverse areas of science and technology that can provide the needed energy to support the future economy while protecting our environment for coming generations.




Our research and education efforts are aimed at making a major impact to the state-of-the-art in sustainable energy production and use. Based on this mission, we envision the WPI Energy Research Group to:

  • Establish WPI as the Premier Global Polytechnic in energy sustainability
  • Attract outstanding graduate and undergraduate students to the sustainable energy field
  • Organize a consortium of automobile and energy companies to advance energy sustainability
  • Attract and retain world-class faculty engaged in advanced energy research and training
  • Increase WPI's visibility and funding from federal, state and private sources